Anti-aging medicine is an integral system that studies the natural degeneration of the human being and applies treatments that prolong the aging of the organs and delay the signs of aging.

It is aimed especially at people over 35 years old, who seek to prevent diseases or for those who want to improve their physical, mental and sexual activity. It is also recommended to people who maintain an intense rhythm of life and need to preserve and improve their physical and intellectual attributes.

The anti-aging medicine seeks to diminish the toxins that can obstruct the correct functioning of the organs, in this way, its mission is to keep the body “clean”. Among its primordial treatments is colon cleansing, which consists of entering 60 liters of water in the body by cleaning the viscera. It is not painful and its effects are almost immediate. There is also lymphatic drainage, massages and even anti-aging vaccine (which contains a battery of minerals and vitamins).

Recently the ionic foot bath has been included, which consists of placing the feet in a bathtub and using a completely painless procedure, all toxins are extracted from the body.

However, what is really going to allow anti-aging medicine to work better are healthy diets, drinking fluids, eating healthy, resting and living a relaxed life.

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