Anti-aging Medicine


Botox treatment Anti-aging medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with making the process of aging healthy. We all get old, because over time, the body deteriorates. And what it is about anti-aging medicine, is that we do not have a pathological aging, but that we have physiological aging. [...]

IV Therapy


IV Therapy IV Therapy consists in the administration of nutrients via intravenous. It can be intermittent or continuous. It is extremely effective and beneficial, recommended in the following conditions: Chronic fatigue Low performance and energy Improves health and well-being Adrenal rejuvenation Diabetes Multiple sclerosis Migraine Crohn's disease Anti-aging [...]

Weight Loss


Weight Loss Obesity and the diseases associated with it, reduce the chances of reaching the average life expectancy and increase the annual mortality in the United States by more than 10 times. At Trujillo Medical Center we have specialized nutrition doctors who offer a wide range of weight loss [...]

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